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 Tema posta: The beautiful galaxy wallpaper
PostPoslato: Uto Jul 12, 2016 4:48 am 
OffLine Novi član Novi član
Pridružio se: Uto Jul 12, 2016 4:43 am
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Is a collection of galaxies billions of planets, asteroids ... our Earth is only a small planet in such numbers. We'll share the hd galaxy wallpaper to decorate your screen with computer and wish you have a week to work and study effectively. To upload photos to your computer, you please download the normal way and share high-quality images size to your friends offline. Finding these dwarf galaxies "invisible" could help astronomers figure out the origin of the universe. In the vast universe there are countless galaxies and the Earth where we live in one of these galaxies.
Besides the type of visually observable and dedicated devices, outer space also includes the galaxies can not be seen - known under the name of Dwarf Galaxies. Studying galaxies promises to be very difficult, but if successful could provide valuable information can help us shape the formation and structure of the universe.
"Dwarf galaxy" - the invisible galaxy. Dwarf galaxies are small galaxies covering a few billion stars, a small number compared to 200-400 billion stars of the Milky Way. When we think of the Milky Way, you will immediately think of the image of a giant strip of light in space. But the dwarf galaxy was not so, they are small and are difficult to see, sometimes just a gathering of a group of small stars.
Typically, the stars in a galaxy are enveloped in a space composed of dark matter - dark matter. That material has not been determined and accounted for about a quarter of the universe acts as a kind of "glue", which tied the galaxies in space. Sometimes, this connection becomes too strong, leading to "collide" - merging - when some galaxies together. Basically, this phenomenon can be seen as a dwarf galaxy being "eaten" by a larger galaxy.
In space, the dwarf galaxy is extremely small. Dwarf galaxy may be located independently, but also acts as a satellite orbiting the larger galaxy.
Can take the example of the Large Magellanic Cloud (Large Magellanic Cloud) - cluster with over 30 billion stars. Here is a satellite cloud of galaxies, but sometimes classified as a dwarf galaxy.
Existence of dwarf galaxies play a crucial role in space research. So far, all theories about the new dwarf galaxies is just hypothetical, because before that had never had a dwarf galaxies yet to be brought to "dissect" to research.
The scientists said the guesswork and theorized about a dwarf galaxy is simple but authentic and study them extremely difficult.
Always know how dwarf galaxies "hiding" in the universe, because stars in the dwarf galaxy has a brightness not "sufficient capital".
Gravity of the dwarf galaxies are identified as relatively large, that can break the light path of the stars. This is the basis for these dwarf galaxies are identified. The discovery of the dwarf galaxy there are other contributions to space research, it is the dark matter that surround galaxies. Dark matter is the determining factor in the number and density of the dwarf galaxies that exist in the universe.
There are many interesting things about the human galaxy waiting to discover, install hd 3d wallpaper with high quality suitable as desktop wallpaper, we will help you choose the most beautiful wallpaper and matching you best.
In addition, we are very much themed wallpaper rich hd Flowers wallpaper, animated wallpaper, wallpaper Graffiti personality, .. we will not disappoint you.

 Tema posta: Re: The beautiful galaxy wallpaper
PostPoslato: Sre Jul 13, 2016 10:25 am 
Korisnikov avatar OffLine Stalni član Stalni član
Pridružio se: Pon Avg 05, 2013 7:03 pm
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Прелепе сличице, што јес' јес'.

Имајте на уму да све савете користите на сопствену одговорност.
aa_aca, aa aca, aaaca

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