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Does the thought of buying your Wife or Girlfriend Lingerie fill you with fear?
Well stop right there! If you take the time to do some basic homework and also think with your head and not your manhood in terms of style, you have more chance of getting it right first time round and scoring yourself some brownie points along the way with your other half!
Ok, so lets begin with the two most important factors; "Size & Style".
SIZE:Sexy Costumes
Animal Costumes

Before you do anything else, you need to find out your ladies size. If you are unsure what size she is, then it is extremely important you do some discreet detective work. The best way to do this is by checking the labels in the pieces of Lingerie she already owns. If you live with her or stay at her place often, then it shouldn't be too difficult - Take a look in her underwear drawer and check the labels for sizing and make a note of the two numbers and also the letter that is in the back of the Bra. For example; it may say 34B or 36D etc. (I would advise to write it down as you may forget). Then do the same with the Briefs, which will state something like 10/12 14/16 or Medium/Large etc. The worst thing you can do is enter a shop and say to the shop assistant "she's about your size". Trust me, it really isn't that simple!
That wasn't too difficult was it?
So, now you have managed to establish her Size, we will move on to the Style.
Now this is where it can get a little messy and go completely wrong, hence why I said, think with your head and not your manhood! I am not saying all men do, but some men do tend to become a little over enthusiastic when viewing Lingerie and photos of attractive women in skimpy outfits.
So, first and foremost, don’t get over enthusiastic and let your mind run away with it self. It is vital that you purchase a piece of lingerie that your lady will feel comfortable wearing rather than what you would like (especially if it’s a garment you are introducing within the bedroom) otherwise it will be thrown back at you, put in her bottom drawer or worst still, in the bin!
If she is self-conscious about a certain part of her body, then please bear this in mind. Babydolls and Chemises are great for covering up the tummy and waistline and still look sexy and feminine, plus they are a lot easier to guess with sizing, should it be a last minute gift. Also bear in mind what colour she normally wears and try and match it (We will discuss colours in the next section). Hopefully you will have made a mental note of the colour together with the style of bra, pants or thong etc, when you were looking in her drawer. Try and make a mental note of the bra; is it slightly padded? Is it an underwiring cup? As for the Briefs, if you didn't spot any thongs, then I suggest you stay well away from them because not every woman likes wearing them and instead, opt for a normal pair of pants.
COLOUR:Fairies & Angels
Bunny & Cats
Cops & Robbers

Where do we start, since these days there are so many colours to choose from and as much as YOU may like the idea of admiring your lady in something Red and raunchy, if the quality isn't there, then it can appear rather cheap and tacky. Pink and flowery or slogans can appear too girlie so stick with plain pastle colours. Beige or nude colours can look too everyday and practical so steer clear of that colour too.
If in doubt, go for Black! My opinion is, you can not go wrong with Black - not only is it sexy and flattering but it is also slimming and looks good against any skin tone.
While buying Lingerie for your lady can gain you some brownie points for treating her to a gift, it has to be all about her and what she would feel good in rather than what great sex you are hoping to achieve whilst she is wearing it - so please be a little sensitive.
Don't be too concerned if you haven't got the size quite right when she tries it on, because even us women can sometimes purchase garments that don't always fit. Personally, I believe the style is priority first time round - If you get the style wrong on the first attempt, ie, buy something that makes her feel more like a pole dancer when she clearly isn't in to that kind of wear, then there is no going back and I suggest you brace yourself for an unpleasant response. The secret, especially if you are introducing Lingerie to the bedroom for the first time, is to do it gradually, keep it simple and your partners confidence will grow along the way.
On a final note, if you dread the thought of entering a Lingerie Shop to make a purchase, there are plenty of online Lingerie sites that you can buy from who will be able to offer you the same advice. I have lots of guys contact me for advice and guidance which I am happy to give out freely.
I hope my little tips help make your next purchase more pleasant and less stressful!

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Započni novu temu Odgovori na temu  [ 1 Post ] 

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