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 Tema posta: Reds to go their separate ways!
PostPoslato: Sub Jan 03, 2015 4:25 am 
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Reds to go their separate ways! Analysis of the break Gerrard Liverpool causeOver the past 17 years, the fans got used to Steven Gerrard wore the red shirt for Liverpool. dkny flats ireland But now, after Gerrard's announced that it would leave Liverpool, but such a scenario is coming to an end. From life Red Army suddenly announced he was leaving, what is the reason for Liverpool, Gerrard is determined to leave his life? Gerrard was only 8 years old he entered the Red Army training camp, has become the captain of the team as early as 2003, he played 695 times for Liverpool, scoring 180 balls. Led the team won 1 UEFA Champions League titles, 2 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, 1 UEFA Cup and European Super Cup 2 times champion, can say that Steven Gerrard is Liverpool's Totem, such a player should be here like Paolo Maldini, Javier Zanetti, Ryan Giggs, his team struggle through life alone, and the boots. But these beautiful ideas, but it can occur in Gerard. Gerrard with Liverpool the most intuitive reason for break up certain contractual issues. Under the current contract, Steven Gerrard of Liverpool contract that will expire this summer, from last October, the two sides began talks. But until now

they were unable to reach an agreement. One reason, Liverpool want to give Steven Gerrard a plum CA. The guardian has previously disclosed, are only willing to give Steven Gerrard of Liverpool offers a 1-year contract, while the Sun is said, Gerrard of the Red Army cut its weekly 150,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds. You know 34 year old Gerard, athletics, fitness is still good, affirmed that he could not accept such harsh contracts.Harsh contrasts with Liverpool was United States Major League roundly. The Sun newspaper revealed, including the Los Angeles Galaxy, Toronto, Atlanta, and New York City, United States team, are willing to Gerrard out for a period of 4 years, was paid up to 100,000 pounds of contracts, worth more than 20 million pounds. Phase contrast, Gerrard was Liverpool is without doubt the cold heart. Now Gerrard has entered the end of career, he chose a lucrative contract, it is the right thing. Even more impressive is that Steven Gerrard face another English team solicitation said no, because he would not oppose the reds. For now, United States is likely to be Steven Gerrard's next stop. Gerrard and coach Rogers pair Steven Gerrard with coach Jim Rogers further apart contract issues, coach lost confidence is one reason prompting Gerrard to leave. Gerrard's body has not been complicated by injuries this season, but in the crucial Champions League and Premier League games, Rogers is 4Put him on the bench, including in Liverpool's Champions League clash against Real Madrid, Rogers hiding Gerrard's approach is to let the latter breaks hearts. Rogers or even several times in public, said Steven Gerrard should accept the reality of less and less playing time. Rogers said: "the reality is at such level of competitions, fierce competition, as well as Liverpool's huge lineup of cases, you can't rely on Gerrard in every game. "Whether it's because of health reasons, or because they had lost their coach trusts, in short, the fact that Stevie is no longer the core foundation of Liverpool was doomed, prompting Gerrard to leave

which is one big reason. Of course, we have helped Liverpool win the League Championship, and Steven Gerrard also increasingly "frustrated." Last season, the reds were once extremely close to the League title, however, Gerrard blockbuster slipped but ruined his team's winning cause, as a result, Steven Gerrard in the past months suffered from ridicule. You know, during the peak of Steven Gerrard, has turned down several top clubs offer. He insisted on staying in Liverpool's greatest desire, is to help the team win the League title. But missed last season after the great time, the Red Army fears no title in the coming years. Fall of gut-wrenching season-Liverpool, currently Liverpool only finished 8th place in the standings in the Premier League and Champions League in the group stage would then survive. Efforts every year for decades, but the team has always missed the League title, even drift away. This dilemma, let great players such as Steven Gerrard, he cannot "lose heart". After losing confidence, Gerard chose to leave will be able to understand the.For various reasons, Gerrard choice to leave. But for such a player, we salute and blessing, then no other ideas. After all, his contribution to Liverpool, is great enough to describe.

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Započni novu temu Odgovori na temu  [ 1 Post ] 

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