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 Tema posta: Evo sta kaze Elias o astmi!
PostPoslato: Sub Mar 04, 2017 8:00 pm 
OffLine Novi član Novi član
Pridružio se: Sub Mar 04, 2017 7:55 pm
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ELIAS: Yes! And I would tremendously acknowledge you in that. For it IS, for your breathing sustains your existence. And in that, it IS part of you BEING, and I would be very much acknowledging you in the steps that you are engaging in that direction, in maintaining it differently and questioning and empowering yourself.

Once again, this also is an excellent example of moving in new directions, questioning yourself: what are you doing? What are you participating in? This is a tremendous example, because it is an example of situations and experiences that individuals have in many, many different capacities, and would likely not necessarily associate them with the subject that I began with, in relation to your world, in relation to mass energies and mass expressions or what other individuals are doing. For it does affect you, and you do affect it.

In this, this is precisely what I AM addressing to, is what you are doing in your individual lives with your individual experiences. And a physical manifestation such as asthma can be a tremendous example in that. For in this, you are correct. You have mass beliefs in relation to this physical manifestation. Your physicians move en masse, in how it is to be addressed to and how it is to be maintained. They also move in a direction of promoting and encouraging medication, which can be helpful to a degree; I am not discounting that aspect. But they also move in a direction of encouraging fear if you DON’T incorporate medication. They do not move in a direction, generally speaking—there are always exceptions—in which they are encouraging the individual to empower themself and therefore maintain the physical action of breathing in a comfortable manner.

And another reason that this is an excellent example is that asthma is, or has become, a very common physical manifestation in this present time framework throughout your world. And in that, this is a physical manifestation—very similar to many, many, many physical manifestations—that is an actual affectingness of a part of the body consciousness in a physical capacity but that is also VERY influenced and affected by energy and by how you are expressing that energy. It is very affected by tension and stress, anxiety or even feeling disconnected.

In this, it is not only affected by what you think of as outside sources, which also connects this in a manner in relation to allergies and what they are, for this manifestation of asthma is very similar to allergies. I am aware that there are some individuals that express both, but they do not necessarily move hand in hand. An individual can express allergies and no asthma, or can express asthma and no allergies. But they manifest in very similar manners in relation to the body consciousness, in that the body consciousness is reacting to an irritation.

In this, the body creates targets in relation to these physical manifestations with asthma and with allergies, in which the body consciousness will target some outside source as its symbol of the irritation. This is the reason that your physicians will express to you that certain conditions in weather or climate can be contributants to asthma, or certain outside sources can be contributants, such as fur or dust or mold. And in that, they also express that outside sources are what create allergies.

In actuality, allergies and asthma both are created in relation to an irritation of the body consciousness in association with some irritation that you are individually experiencing, and that may not be an outside source at all. But the body targets an outside source as its symbol of what is irritating it, and therefore it can be confusing to identify what is actually generating this physical manifestation.

Which also fits nicely with our opening subject, for there are many, many, many situations and time frameworks in which it can be confusing to many individuals that they may be being affected by energies that they are not objectively aware of, just as with some allergies, and more so with the condition of asthma, that can be being expressed or aggravated, and the individual may not objectively define what precisely is creating that reaction of the body consciousness, why in this moment is this occurring.

And the tricky aspect of that is that it is not always associated with what you are physically doing in that moment or in that time framework. It can be more associated with subjects that at different times are triggered and become more irritating than other times. But you might not feel irritated. You might not notice that that trigger is occurring. What you do notice is the physical manifestation and the flare of that physical manifestation, which in actuality is the same as noticing that the irritation is occurring. The difficulty is defining what that irritation is at that time, or what triggered it.

But this is an excellent beginning in recognizing that you do have choices, you have power, that this is not an expression that is beyond your direction, that you DO have choices and you CAN direct it. You are not a victim of it.

Just as, regardless of what may be occurring outside of you and the energy that is being expressed en masse, it SEEMS to many individuals that you are only one person, and that you don’t have the power to fight these mass expressions and these mass generatings of energies. But that also is the point. It is not about fighting them. It is about recognizing that regardless of how large any group seems or how large your world seems, you are equally as powerful as that outside source, and you have choices.

You have choices in what YOU choose to pay attention to, to participate with and to express, including what you are generating with your physical body. In this, yes, it is important and significant for you to be paying attention to your body consciousness, and I tremendously acknowledge that, that you are. It is also important to be aware of HOW are you paying attention to your body consciousness, WHAT are you paying attention to. It is not only a matter of paying attention to what irritates it; it is also a matter of noticing what isn’t irritating it, and all of the moments in which it is functioning and it is centered and it is comfortable, and noticing what you are doing in those time frameworks that creates that.

In this, you expressed another comment in relation to what you are doing, that you stopped working, and you expressed some actions that you are engaging. And then you expressed that OTHERWISE you are doing nothing. But that is not actually correct. You are always doing something.

And in that, in those time frameworks that you think you are doing nothing, those are important time frameworks to pay attention to, in what you actually are doing that is allowing you to maintain being comfortable. OR conversely, when you think you are doing nothing, what are you doing that is maintaining you being uncomfortable? For that also is a significant point.

For there are many times and situations in which individuals are significantly uncomfortable, and they are evaluating that they are doing nothing. But you are doing something, and you are paying attention to something, and that is significant. For whatever you are DOING during that time is maintaining, whether you are comfortable or whether you are not comfortable. It is perpetuating whatever it is that you are experiencing, that you are evaluating you are doing nothing.

In this, I would also express, in relation to another comment that you generated in saying that you might visit a café and you are watching the other individuals, and you are not necessarily invested, but you notice that you might at times feel somewhat removed from them. This is an important point, for that is a piece that exacerbates that physical expression of the breathing and constricts it, that feeling or that perception of not quite connecting and not quite participating, holding yourself on the outside of what is occurring around you.

And in that, why? For I would express that yes, it can be tremendously beneficial to incorporate alone time and to be genuinely interactive with yourself, but it is also significantly important to be connecting, because you ARE interconnected.

And in that, pulling yourself away from that interconnectedness restricts you. And if your body consciousness has already targeted for a number of years a particular area in which it will automatically affect,—such as your lungs, your breathing—then that will be the most common manifestation that your body consciousness will engage in relation to any expression that fits with not connecting or restricting. Anything that is a restriction to you, the body will respond to or react to by engaging that manifestation that it has already targeted, for it is easy and it is automatic.

Therefore, it IS significant to be aware of what you are doing when you think you are doing nothing. And in that, it is not a matter of it is necessary for you to be actively engaging other individuals or developing relationships; no. It is not that black and white. It may be merely as simple as acknowledging the other individuals around you, not necessarily engaging them, merely acknowledging them by smiling at them. For that action is your expression to yourself and from yourself of being connected, and therefore not being restricted.

It is not a matter of expecting a response or even WANTING a response, or engaging in any manner that is overt or in which you are interacting with other individuals. It is not necessary for you to move in that direction if you don’t want to or if you aren’t comfortable with that action.

If you are comfortable being in your own space arrangement in a public area, and you are comfortable being alone with yourself but you are aware of many individuals around you, rather than restricting yourself by noticing this invisible barrier between yourself and everything around you, it can be very empowering to simply acknowledge everything around you as being connected to you. And that can be expressed in the simplest of manners. As I expressed, it could be perhaps merely generating eye contact with another individual, or each individual. Or it could be merely expressing a smile, in which you are expressing in that action, “I am not restricted. I am open.”

In that, the body consciousness receives that message also: “I am open. I am not restricted.” And that encourages the body to move in more of a natural action and breathe more naturally.

Thank you. That was an excellent example of a personal experience that does relate to the bigger picture.

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