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 Tema posta: RS The Dig Site Guide
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Zaros in Gielinor is one of the oldest and most powerful gods. With a vast empire ruled by him, he is such a strong god. While the WildStar Gold God Wars served to erode much of his memory, many information about him has been revealed through quests. The Dig Site is one of them. And we are going to give you The Dig Site guide.

To start the quest, speak to an examiner at the digsite Exam Center. The fastest way is to teleport to Varrock via the lodestone and walk southwest until you reach the fence shortly above the desert. Walk through this gate and head west to arrive at the Digsite Exam Center.

Asking about the test and she will give you an Unstamped letter which you mist show to the Varrock Museum’s Curator. So back to Varrock Museum, talk to Curator standing near the door. He will stamp and seal you letter, telling you to give it to an Examiner. Once you find the Examiner, she will ask you three questions, answer them with whatever you want.

Leave the building and head north towards the Digsite, speak to each student for help. It turns out they have all lost something of value, and will only give you answers if you retrieve the item. These are all easy tasks.

Once you help all the students, speak to them again and obtain the answers. And then take the road back to the Exam Center. Answer the questions correctly and you will earn the final Certificate. Now you can dig anywhere you wish. And you need to impress the Archaeological Expert with something.

With you new knowledge, head to Digsite and search some sacks in the northeast corner of the Archaeological dig for a Specimen Jar. Keep on digging until you eventually find an Ancient Talisman. Show the Talisman to the Archaeological expert and he will be mystified about the object and give you a letter you should give it to a Workman. Using the Private Digshafts as asked and go to the northwest of the digsite. When you see a Winch, use a rope on it and take it to go underground to the subterranean land of Zaros.

You enter in a mysterious cavern if you took the correct winch. Pick up a nearby Arcenia root, search the bricks blocking the path and you will conclude saying that it is impossible to pass.

Once back on the surface, go to the northeastern Winch north of the second Student,, use a rope on it and go down. Inside you will find Doug Deeping, ask him about getting past the rocks and he will suggest blowing them up. He will hand you a key.

Go into the tent in which you found the Panning Tray, use the key on the chest inside to find some Chemical Powder.

Go to the barrels west of the tent and use your Trowel on the closed barrel, and then your vial to get some Unidentified Liquid.

Search the nearby specimen tray and eventually you will find some Charcoal. Bring these back to the Archaeological expert and use everything (Except the Charcoal) on him. After he identifies the powder as Ammonium nitrate and the liquid as Nitroglycerin, use the powder on the liquid and use your Pestle and Mortar on the Charcoal, and use the result with the Mixed chemicals and finally the root and you will end up with a Chemical compound.

Head back to the Temple and once you are up to the bricks use the Compound on them, and then use your Tinderbox. The rocks will blow, you will run for cover, the explosion giving you access to the central chamber.

Walk inside if you have 45+ combat, the skeletons won’t attack you and armor isn’t needed. Take the Stone Tablet and run the tablet to the Expert and Quest complete.

However these are all player-wrote guides according to their own experience. If you have something to add, you can RS Gold comment below. Runescape gameplay is a pleasant journey for us. Happy Scaping.

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Započni novu temu Odgovori na temu  [ 1 Post ] 

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